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At Sweetwater Plantation customer satisfaction and quality beef are the number one priorities.


We are motivated by the desire to assist in developing beef genetics that will efficiently produce consistent and uniform, high quality products including seedstock for fellow producers and fine meat for the consumer.

Our Black Angus and Wagyu cattle are scrutinized for proficiency in all measurable traits and efficiencies and the genetic influence of superior performers is expanded through our extensive artificial insemination and embryo transfer programs.

Our goal is to provide a genetic and environmental atmosphere that ultimately results in Angus beef that meets or exceeds Certified Angus Beef Standards and an American Kobe style Wagyu beef comparable to the rich, finely marbled Kobe Beef from Japan.

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Sweetwater Plantation

2964 Old Milledgeville Rd
Dearing, GA 30808

Office: 706.595.2840

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  • 2964 Old Milledgeville Road
  • Dearing, GA 30808
  • Phone: 706.595.2840

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Producers of Registered Black Angus and Registered Fullblooded and percentage Wagyu cattle for the seedstock and beef industries.

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