Wagyu Cattle, Kobe and Tajima Beef


The Japanese word Wagyu translates as “Wa” meaning “our” or “Japanese” and “Gyu” meaning “Cattle”.

Although the name Wagyu refers to all Japanese cattle, it has become synonymous in the USA with Japan’s famous Kobe or Tajima Beef.

Kobe is the capitol of the Hyogo region of Japan which is in the ancient Tajima province where selective breeding as well as traditional Japanese handling and feeding of Waygu cattle has resulted in the finest and most expensive beef found anywhere in the world.

Decadent, Rich, Juicy……..Healthy?


The marbling, flavor, color and texture of Wagyu beef makes for an incredible culinary experience, and in this case what’s incredibly good to eat can be better for your health than any other beef.

Wagyu beef tends to have a 2:1 ratio of monounsaturated fat (the “good” fat) to saturated fat (the “bad” fat), a much better profile than any other breed of cattle.

Even the saturated fat in Wagyu is different from that other cattle. Forty percent of Wagyu saturated fat is stearic acid which is known to have little impact on raising human cholesterol levels. Wagyu beef is also unique in its high concentrations of beneficial omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

Sweetwater Wagyu Genetics

The Wagyu cattle capable of producing beef of exceptional quality are in heavy demand and are sought after all over the world.

Our full blood Wagyu seed stock is the product of some of the most proven carcass genetics to enter the United States and our percentage Wagyu derive from crosses with our Registered Angus that we have bred and selected specifically for desirable carcass qualities.

Some of the wagyu genetics in our program include progeny from:

Fukutsuru 068........
Kitateruyasu Doi.....
possibly the most significant female to leave Japan
#1 marbling sire in the USA
#3 marbling sire in the USA
former #1 marbling sire in USA and most proven
former #4 marbling sire in USA
sired the #2 marbling bull in USA
sired the new #5 marbling bull in USA
highly sought after son of Suzutani

Measuring Wagyu Beef Quality

The Japanese beef grading system is significantly more thorough in measuring points of quality than the system used in United States. The points measured by the Japanese system allow for the identification and classification of the superior beef that can be produced by Wagyu cattle and include grades for:

  • Yield
  • Marbling
  • Color and brightness of meat
  • Firmness and texture of meat
  • Color, luster and quality of fat and identifies damaged or blemished carcasses.
In the United States our USDA Quality Grades do not even have a classification high enough to identify beef with such abundant and well distributed marbling as is afforded by properly bred and handled Wagyu cattle. The American Wagyu Association is currently working on setting standards for the USDA to allow for recognition of a Certified Wagyu Beef brand to identify Wagyu beef that performs outside the scope of the antiquated and vague USDA system.

Equivalence of U.S. and Japanese Marbling Scores
U.S. D.A.
Quality Grade
U.s. D. A Marbling Score* BMS Number Japanese
Quality Grade
N/A Extremely Abundant 50+ 11 or 12 5
N/A Extremely Abundant 0-49 10 5
N/A Very Abundant 50-99 9 5
N/A Very Abundant 0-49 8 5
Prime Abundant 7 4
Prime Moderatly Abundant 6 4
Prime Slightly Abundant 5 3
Choice Moderate 4 3
Choice Modest 3 3
Choice Small
Select Slight

* There are no official grades above Abundant in the USDA specifications. The terms Very Abundant and Extremely Abundant are arbitrary.

w002 w004 w006
BMS # 1 Quality Grade 1 BMS # 2 Quality Grade 2 BMS # 3 Quality Grade 3
w008 w010 w012
BMS # 4 Quality Grade 3 BMS # 5 Quality Grade 4 BMS # 6 Quality Grade 4
w014 w016 w018
BMS # 7 Quality Grade 4 BMS # 8 Quality Grade 5 BMS # 9 Quality Grade 5
w020 w022 w024
BMS # 10 Quality Grade 4 BMS # 11 Quality Grade 5 BMS # 12 Quality Grade 5
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