Since 1997 Sweetwater Plantation has been producing Registered Black Angus genetics for the beef cattle industry.

We have concentrated on breeding Black Angus cattle whose progeny will not only meet and exceed Certified Angus Beef standards but are also sound in form and function and are capable of excelling in most any environment.

Cattle from our program can be found working to improve herds in the cold weather and high elevations of Canada and the Northwestern US through the arid and sparse regions of the southwest and down to the hot, humid environment of the deep south.

From the very beginning of our program, we have utilized all practical technology available to:

  • gather information
  • measure quality
  • and efficiently reproduce our top performing Angus cattle.

Ultrasound imaging technology is used for pregnancy checking and fetal sexing as well as evaluating the ribeye area, intramuscular fat (marbling) and external fat thickness on live cattle.

Weights and measures of growth and production are taken on each animal from the day they are born onward.

Our cattle are evaluated for sound structure to insure calving ease and longevity.

Females in production are scrutinized and selected for correct size and structure of their udders and teats to insure calves have no trouble nursing.

Production data on cattle is even recorded long after an individuals sale or death through frozen embryos or semen and the performance of future progeny.

Artificial insemination and embryo transfer have been our primary breeding tools with an excess of ninety percent of our calf crop directly derived from AI and ET every year.

Semen on over one hundred of the Angus breeds most proven bulls is always on hand for planned AI matings and embryo work.


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