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Game Cleaning Station
cleaning_station1 cleaning_station2
Our game cleaning station features large stainless steel sinks, concrete floors with drains, a hoist for dressing large game, vacuum sealer and an ice machine. We can't wait for hunting season to start.


Duck Boxes
An additional five wood duck nest boxes where placed at Sweetwater this spring. The boxes are hand constructed of cypress lumber and have predictor guards to keep predictors from eating the eggs or hatchlings. Each box is numbered and a record of how many eggs are hatched from each is recorded when the boxes are cleaned in the fall. Everyone of our wood duck boxes where utilized by pairs of wood ducks this spring with successful hatches in each.


200 Acres
There are around 200 acres of Tift 44 and Coastal Bermuda hay fields at Sweetwater. We cut between 1000 and 1500 bales a year depending on the rain. We also purchase peanut hay from local growers. We feed 1800 bales a year to our herd.
cow pens
The main working pens at Sweetwater are constructed of guard rail and pressure treated 6x6's posts. There are eleven sorting pens at the barn. The pens at the barn have the capacity of holding every cow on the place if need be.
john and pig 002
JD is our pet wild hog. He showed up three years ago when he was just a little piglet we have been feeding him ever since. His favorite foods are Oatmeal Little Debbie Cakes and Krispy Cream Donuts. He weighs close to 400 pounds, is solid black in color and does not realize he is a pig (he thinks he's a cow).


Tour De Georgia
Tour Georgia
For the past four years the Tour De Georgia cycling race has rolled pasted Sweetwater's Gates. The Tour De Georgia is North America's premier, professional cycling event. Each spring 15 of the best national and international cycling teams compete in the tour. Last year Lance Armstrong was one of the competitors.


Buff Orpington
We maintain a small flock of Buff Orpington chickens at Sweetwater. Buff Orpingtons are large chickens with full golden plumage. They are stately birds with quiet dispositions. The chickens supply fresh, organically grown, brown eggs. In exchange for the eggs the chickens are provided with a large, clean chicken house and grain to eat.



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