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What are you getting when you buy Sweetwater Plantation Wagyu Beef?

You are getting beef that is:

  • Certified Georgia Grown by the Georgia Dept of Agriculture
  • Fed a vegetarian diet of grass, hay and grain
  • Free from added growth hormones and antibiotics
  • Produced from animals that are humanely treated
  • American style KOBE BEEF bred and handled to ensure a coinsurer’s standard of quality for marbling and tenderness
  • Dry aged for 21 days for maximum flavor and additional tenderness
  • Carefully custom processed and vacuum packaged to keep longer in the freezer
  • Bred, born and raised at Sweetwater and processed by a family owned, state Inspected processing facility about five minutes from Sweetwater Plantation

Whole, ½ and ¼ steers are available at $5.95 per pound hanging weight.

Individual cuts and packages of cuts are also available; Contact us for pricing and availability.

Inquirers from Georgia restaurants and retailers welcome.


"The beef is awesome!!!   Cooked the roast in the crockpot today...it was Yummy!!!"- Jeanette N.  TN

"I am never eating grocery store meat again.  Best spaghetti I have made.  My grandsons said they did not like or want spaghetti, but took one bite and cleaned their plates.  Thank you!" - Laura T.  TN

"Had cube steak sandwiches last night (new recipe)!!!  They were the bomb!" - Tracy C.  TN

"Best steak I ever ate" - Adam H.  GA

Sweetwater Plantation

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