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Cattle are fenced out of creeks and ponds to cut down on erosion and allow us to better manage wetland habitat.  In remote areas solar powered pumps fill stock tanks with pond water for cattle. 


A regular corp. of engineers, the beaver population at Sweetwater maintains several dams which create an excellent habitat for waterfowl and other wetland inhabitants.


Fishing ponds are stocked with Largemouth Bass, Bluegill Bream, and Channel Catfish.  Fish are fed regularly for maximum health and growth.  Sterile Grass Carp were released in the ponds to aid in the control of aquatic weeds.

Solar powered wildlife feeders help attract and hold both game and non-game wildlife year around and provide needed supplemental nutrition during winter and times of drought.  The feeders are controlled by digital timers which allow us to control the time and duration of feeding. 

A feeder in one of the wildlife plots along Sweetwater Creek.  Feed plots vary from one half acre to ten acres and are planted for spring and fall crops each year.  Lespedeza, assorted clovers, rye grass, millet, grain sorghum, sunflowers and chufa are some of the plantings we use in plots. 

Numerous duck nest boxes are maintained at Sweetwater.  After the nesting season, the boxes are cleaned out and the hatched eggs are counted to give us some insight on the health of our woodduck population. 

Sweetwater Plantation gets its name from Sweetwater Creek which flows about two miles through the property.  The clean consistent flow from this creek provides water and habitat to a wide variety of wildlife year around.